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Express 5 Star Hajj Package 2020




  • Package from Toronto 14,199 CAD ( ALL IN ) NO ANY HIDDEN FEES NO ANY PENNY EXTRA . 19th July 2020 to 6th Aug 2020 / Departure-Return date and time are tentative (subject to change one day more or less depends on the flight )
  • Price includes airfare from Toronto . For connection flights from Calgary, Vancouver and other provinces there's an additional $600 connection flight fee.
  • 5 star package with hotels IN FRONT OF HARAMS
  • Limited seats available
  • No azzizia accommodation .
  • Qurbani , draft , sleeping bag , Ihrams and hajj kits are INCLUDED in the package

Optional Services Available

  • $600 / Per Person Connection Flight from Calgary or other provinces
    An optional connection flight fee for passengers flying from Calgary, Vancouver or other provinces.


  • Toronto to Madinah on Etihad Departs: 7/19/2020 Arrives: 8/21/2020
  • Jeddah to Toronto on Etihad Departs: 8/6/2020 Arrives: 8/6/2020
Services Included :
  • Visa Processing And Issuing 
  • 5 Star Hotel In Makkah And Madinah In Front Of Harams With Breakfast And Dinner ( Open Buffet ) 
  • Air Conditioning Tents In Mina And Arafat 
  • Madinah First 
  • Meet And Assist At The Airports 
  • Ihrams For Males And Hajj Kits For Hujaj
  • Meals During Mashaaer ( Mina / Arafat / Muzdalefa ) Will Be Provided
  • Sleeping Bag For All Hajjies 
  • Sightseeing In Madinah
  • Ground Transfer By Air - Conditioning Buses 
  • Educational Islamic Program Throughout The Trip 
  • Group Leader During The Trip
  • Hajj Class And Seminar Before Hajj Trip 
  • Hajj Classes And Seminar In Canada ( Before Departure ) ,  Makkah , And Madinah And Duruing The Hajj Time  
  • Qurbani , draft , sleeping bag , Ihrams and hajj kits are INCLUDED in the package


July 20th 2020
Leaving Canada Inshalah Heading To Madinah /  The Kingdom Of Saudia Arebia . Please Note That Flight Date And Time Might Be Tentative One Day More Or Less Depending On The Available Flights . Please Make Sure You Do The Following At The Day Of Departure :
  • Take Your Original Passport , Original Vaccination Card , Copy Of Your Passport .
  • Be At The Airport 3 Hours Prior To Take Off Time .
  • Wear Your Picture ID And Have Your Bag Tags Provided By Al Madeena Travel . 
  • Have Your Medicine On Your Carry On Bag . 
July 21 - 25 2020
Arriving Madinah Airport ( Price Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz ) Then Moving By Air Conditioning buses To Our  Hotel 5 Star Hotel Right In Front Of Haram. During Our Stay In Madinah , We Will Be Having 2 Open Buffet ( Breakfast & Dinner ) . Also , During Our Stay In Madinah , We Will Have Zeyarat ( Islamic Sightseeing ) By Air Conditioning Buses Fully Equipped With Water And Cold Beverages . 
July 25 2020
Leaving Madinah Heading To Makkah By High End Air Conditioning Buses Fully Equipped With Fregirator And Pathroom . During The Ground Trip The Cold Beverages Will Be Served For All hajjies . After leaving Madinah , We Will Be Stopping In Meeqath Mosque And We Will Be Led By Our Imams / Islamic Leaders To Do Intention ( Neeya ) For Umrah. After That We Will Be Continuing Towards Makhah.

July 25 - 29 2020
Arriving Makkah And Staying In Clock Tower  5 Star Hotel Right In Front Of Haram With 2 Open Buffet ( Breakfast & Dinner ) . After Arriving Makkah And Having Our Bags In Our Rooms , We Will Be Gathered With Our Imams And Go Into Groups To Go And Preform Umrah With Different Timings Offered . During Our Stay In Makkah , We Will Be Having Hajj Seminar / Class Inshalah All Hajjies Will Be Notified By Then . Please Note That This Hotel Will Be Available Even During Hajj Time ( Mashaeer) 
July 29 - Aug 2 2020 ( Hajj Days )
These Dates Are The Hajj Dates . We Will Be Leaving To Mina By Air Conditioning Buses . Our Tents Located In North American Camp And Its Built From Gypsum . Alhamdolilaah , Al Madeena Travel Is Among Very Very Few Hajj Agencies To Have Such Tents With Many Split Units Air Conditioning Installed In Every Side Of Walls . During Our Stay In Mina , We Will Be Having 24h Cold / Hot Beverages  Besides The 3 Box  Meals ( Breakfast , Launch , Dinner ) . Also , During Our Stay In Mina , We Will Be Having Many Islamic Lectures And Hajj Classes By Our Imams .
 After First Night In Mina , We Will Be Heading Bu Buses To Our Air Conditioning Tents In Arafat .
During The Afternoon, From About Noon Until Sunset, Muslim Pilgrims Stand In Earnest Supplication And Devotion, Praying For God's Forgiveness, And Listening To Islamic Scholars Speak On Issues Of Religious And Moral Importance.
 During Being There , We Will Be Having All The Time Cold / Hot Beverages Besides Having The Launch Meals . During Our Stay In Arafat , We Will Be Having a Continues Islamic Lectures / Classes Programs For Our Hajjies So They Feel The Greatest Spiritual Moments And By The Sunset All Hajjies Will Be Led By Our Imams To Make Duaa .

 After Arafat ( Sunset) , We Will Be Heading By Buses To Mozdalefa To Collect our Stones For Jamarat . During Our Stay In Muzdalefa , We Will Be Having The Dinner Meal Box With With Cold Beverages Available All The Time . After  Muzdalefa , Early Morning We Will Be Heading Inshalah To Do Jamarat ( Stoning ) . Al Madeena Travel Is Very Well-Managed So We Will Having Groups Led By Our Imams And Al Madeena's Representatives To Guid Our Hajjies To Do Stoning Perfectly .
Aug 2 - 5 2020
We Will Be Leaving Mina And Heading To Clock Tower  5 Star Hotel RIGHT IN FRONT OF HARAM . During Our Stay In This Hotel , We Will Be Having 2 Open Buffet ( Breakfast And Dinner ) .
Aug 5 2020
Inshalah We Will Be Leaving  ( Clock Tower ) Heading To Jeddah Air Port 

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Optional Services

The following optional services are available for this package.

Connection Flight from Calgary or other provinces $600 /Per Person
An optional connection flight fee for passengers flying from Calgary, Vancouver or other provinces.

Accommodation Arrangement

This package allows rooming. This means, you can book a bed in a shared room. This can reduce your cost as you'll only pay for a portion of the room. For example, if you're traveling alone, and wish to share a double room, select 1 in the double room menu. Let us know how many of your group will occupy the room types below:

Room Type Adults Children Infants
 ( people per room)
$14,199 / person
 ( people per room)
$15,949 / person
 ( people per room)
$17,099 / person

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