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Nayeem Hasan

I went Hajj this year with Al Madeena. Fully satisfied with their service. They did their best in their capacity.
And, yes, I am recommending anybody to consider Al Madeena, looking for any Hajj agency.
By the grace of Almighty ALLAH we have returned to our home after Hajj. 2018 Al Madeena Hajj Travel Inc provided us the excellent service.
Hajj is like the TV show The Amazing Race; its tough journeying in a foreign land but Brother Faez will make sure you reach the finish line in time. :)

Here are some unique things AlMadeena Hajj Travel offers:
1. Itinerary ahead of time
2. Bag tags, pouch necklaces, bright coloured backpacks provided for easy identification, contact and storage.
3. Luggage sent ahead and there before our arrival.
4. On ground team at all points: Madina, Mecca, Jamarat, Muzdalifa, buses, layovers, airports.
5. Affordable hajj comparable with more expensive packages.
6. Qurbani is hand slaughtered and they can take care of your dam.
7. Different shuyukh with diffferent madhaib and various times for people to choose when to head out.
8. Excellent hotel choices. Amazing hotel in Istanbul layover. Kaaba view in Mecca for sisters.
9. Workers and guides knew the routes and crowd control and guided us around the hurdles.
10. Updated memos every few days under the door to let us know the program.
11. Gave us GPS coordinates of our Mina camp in case we ever got lost.
12. Ample food, dates, water, tea at all sites.
13. They would not leave anyone behind if they were lost. If it was delayed too long, they’d send one of their guys to find them and transport the missing people.
14. 25 years of experience.
15. Faez was always accessible by phone.
16. Air conditioned buses always stocked with hot and cold water. One new bus had USB charging.
17. Arafat was beautiful: water fountains, spray mists, tables, chairs, and couches with big tents with lots of room.
18. Care and priority to sick and elderly and women.

Pack plenty of electrolytes, water sprays, hand fans, cough syrup, antibiotic, ear plugs and icepacks. Take shoes for last 3 days and use pedialyte/hydralyte every 30 minutes when walking Jamarat. Take calluses cushions for sore feet (but remove for wudu). And make shukr and have husnud-dhann of all.

Many thanks to Brother Faez and his team. Allah bless and accept and preserve him.
Dear Brother Muhtasim , Faiz and all team members of Al Madinah
Assalm Alaikum
Alhamdulillah, May Allah(SWT) accept all of our Hajj . I would like to thank all of you to help us to fulfill our dream and made our journey very smooth. Your professionalism and expertise made our life very much comfortable in entire journey.
We have an amazing team!! All your team members are very enthusiastic, hardworking and dedicated to performing their duties.
We would be very happy to recommend our friends and family to perform their Hajj and omrah with Al Al Madinah. Please keep up your good works in coming days.
Jazāk Allāhu Khayran
Hope if there is a rate like 10 out of 5 so I would give them . Thanks AL MADEENA team for making our precious holey trip JUST amazing.
When Hajj had become compulsory for me and my wife, selecting which Hajj travel and package to chose from was overwhelmingly challenging. I was recommended by a friend that Al Madeena was one of the best and I asked Allah to help me chose and ended up with the Al Madina Hajj Travel Express Package. Was the best decision we made and we are extremely satisfied with their service. They really went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations.

I was also surprised to meet many others brothers from different parts of Canada who came to Toronto and joined us and the experience was phenomenal. From the beginning as we arrived in Madina to the end at Jeddah air port we all were taken care of. All the hotels provided was indeed 5 stars and very close to Haram and some rooms had the views of the mosque. The AC bus services was satisfactory given the fact that they compete to get us moving as soon as possible with millions of other pilgrims. Never kept us starving or thirsty as the Al Madina crew kept on working diligently night and day to make sure we were at ease. There was also more than 5 sheikhs leaders who was very approachable friendly staff and very organized management. Crew was amazing.

Finally I conclude by recommendation to whoever looking forward to doing Hajj next year as I understand the initial part is always the most stressful and I hope my review will be beneficial to others. May Allah accept all our intentions and efforts and bless Al Madina Crew who worked tirelessly to make our journey easy.
Hajj is an obligation for everybody is who able physically and financially. It all started with a genuine intention to perform Hajj. My husband and myself started to browse around for the best company to accompany us on this great journey. With prayers asking Allah for guidance, we were directed to Al Madeena Hajj Travel Inc. Little we knew about this company but we put all our faith in Allah and gave the business to this company. We have no regret at all. From our deposit in November 2017 until we completed our Hajj and is back home this Monday August 27th.

Thanks to brother Faez Yahya and the whole team of Al Madeena Hajj, we were able to complete our Hajj as per the sunnat of the prophet Mohammad PBUH. I highly recommend this company. It is value for money. Of course there are certain things which are totally beyond the control of Al Madeena Hajj. But I can guarantee you, this company is very professional, and they are polite to deal with. Most important, they know what to do and they have your back while you are busy with your duty. They make sure everything is arranged and delivered to you as promised.

Therefore, brothers and sisters do not look further. Al Madeena Hajj is the company to rely on when it comes to Hajj.

Good job and may Allah bless brother Faez Yahya, and all of the "Al Madeena Hajj Team"
have no words to describe the happiness i am having right now . the happiness is made by AL MADEENA TRAVEL . they are truly 100 percent honest active and professional . everything around us is awesome . Hotels RIGHT IN FRONT OF MASJEED NABAWEE .Lots of Imams and Mofties speaking all languages .People on duty ALL THE TIME 24/7 . They extremely care about their people . Br Karam who is one of AL MADEENA representatives was amazing guider . He was helping everyone of us from Toronto pearson airport till we arrived Madinah passing by Cairo . He made sure everyone is Ok . he was checking on us every few mins . Br Faez who is on duty all the time , answering our milion question with smile all the time . THANK YOU AL MADEENA TEAM WISH YOU ALL THE BEST .
I went Umra with them 2018 .Great staff . Very honest . they provided whatever they promised . Clean very high quality hotels in Makha and Madinah . Thank you guys all.
I went with Al Madinah Hajj travel to the holy places to perform Hajj this year. I was very pleased with the service I received and the team did its utmost to assist the hajjis to perform their rites and to deal with any challenges. I am very satisfied with the package and the service I received.

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